Small Claims

Our Licensed Paralegals understand what issues and facts are needed to be raised and will develop an effective strategy to protect your interests, our firm has a proven track record for breakthrough cases exceeding client expectations in litigation.

The Small Claims Court handles actions for the payment of money or the recovery of possession of personal property where the amount claimed does not exceed $35,000 excluding interest ,costs such as court fees and legal representation fees are in addition to this amount.

Highway Traffic Act

If you have been charged with a traffic ticket, a criminal charge or a commercial vehicle infraction, don’t take your chances fighting it alone get Kutum Legal Services’ defence team working for you.

We have an experienced team of paralegals that will use their expert knowledge of the laws, court procedures and methods of law enforcement to fight for the best possible outcome for you. We are professional, effective and affordable.

Landlord and Tenant

Attempting to tackle a Landlord Tenant Board application on your own may end up negatively impacting the outcome of your matter. One small error could result in an action being dismissed or worse, you may be denied the opportunity to review, a costly mistake which may result in a denied appeal process.

Engaging professional paralegal services promotes successful applications which is why we suggest that you contact our firm for assistance, we offer a no-fee consultation for your matter.

Express Entry

Express Entry is used to manage applications for permanent residence under these federal immigration programs:

  • the Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and
  • the Canadian Experience Class.

Provinces and territories can also recruit candidates from the Express Entry system through their Provincial Nominee Programs to meet local labor market needs.

Free assessment is offered to determine eligibility.


If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and at least 18 years old, you can sponsor certain relatives to come to Canada. Your relatives can live, study and work in Canada if they become permanent residents.

You can sponsor the following relatives:

  • Spouse/Partner
  • Parent/Grandparent
  • Son/Daughter
  • Uncle/Aunt

Free assessment is offered to determine eligibility.

Other Services

Here at Kutum legal services we also offer the following services:

Drafting of contracts (business and personal)
Commissioning of documents
Drafting of court documents and filing
Representation in courts and tribunals
Negotiation on a clients behalf
Provide legal advice concerning legal rights, responsibility and interests.
Extension of work, study and visitor visas.
Extension and renewal of permanent residence.